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Tom W. Clayton, a Trustworthy Political Candidate with Integrity for Springtown City Mayor

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Tom W. Clayton M.P.A. for Mayor in Springtown, Texas, is an honest and trustworthy mayoral candidate. Stand up for what's right by voting for the ONLY fully qualified candidate at the upcoming Springtown election for Mayor.

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Tom has all the qualifications and long experience necessary to be an effective and productive city mayor. Show your support for his campaign today, and help us bring his plans to help the community to fruition.

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Learn about Tom W. Clayton M.P.A. for Mayor

Springtown is getting her first new Mayor in eight years and if you’re not concerned about your economic future and city management here in Springtown, you should be! When Tom left the city coincil three years ago after three terms as you councilman, the city was running like a pretty well oiled machine. Now just after three years of Tom leaving the city council, , the city is in trouble with the TCEQ for our waste water treatment plant, more trouble at our water plant and intake structure at Eagle Mountain Lake and no serious economic development program in place to secure and enhance the cities tax base and generate new sales tax revenue for the cities economic future and other issues with retaining officers at the Sprngtown Police Department as well as debt issues, What happened?

If you’re a home owner, land, and or business owner or you just love Springtown and want to see the city and your investment in Springtown grow and prosper the right way sooner rather later, Tom W Clayton M.P.A. has a proven economic plan to make that happen making him your best choice for Springtown Mayor to ensure a safe and secure economic future for your family and our city. Help Springtown have a thriving and prosperous future by electing Tom W Clayton M.P.A. the next Mayor of Springtown. Tom has always been one true voice for the people who just want to live and/or work in Springtown, have a decent life and be treated fairly by their government officials. Election Day May 9 Vote Early April 27 –May 5 Springtown Court building across from City Hall.

Tom W. Clayton M.P.A. for Mayor of Springtown is a reputable political candidate with more than 20 years of experience and involvement in city, state, and federal government. Our candidate for city mayor cares for our community, and wants to ensure a bright future for all of our kids.

Here are five qualities of Tom W Clayton and why we think you should vote to elect Tom W Clayton to be the next Mayor of the City of Springtown

Tom W Clayton is:

1) Honest – A spotless past, strong ethics, transparent.
2) A leader – Charismatic, a mobilizing force, able to make unpopular decisions.
3) A person of action – Results driven, pragmatic, adopts a transformation strategy, and quickly implements priority initiatives.
4) Effective manager – Efficient, realistic, knows how to surround himself with the right people.
5) Focused on economic development – Can articulate a clear vision, convincing, gets involved and has a consistent history of structuring flagship projects for the city.

The challenge now is to elect a dynamic, skilled, knowledgeable mayor that understands the highly complex nature of city government functions and leads the city in a positive direction that promotes sustainable growth, economic stability, prosperity and a high quality of life for all springtown citizens. We believe the only candidate with all these skills and the ability to work well within a team is Tom W Clayton M.P.A, We thank you for your support and would appreciate you vote for Tom.

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